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Numeral Systems Calculator PRO


PRO versionThe program enables to convert numbers (including decimal fractions) between number systems with bases from 2 to 36. Also, it is able to operate between 2 numbers in different number systems and outputs the result of addition / subtraction / multiplication / division. The program is very easy to use and has the opportunity to display the solution algorithm. Main features:★ Conversion of numbers up to hexatrigesimal system (base 36)★ Display of solution algorithm available★ Working with decimal fractions★ Displaying the result during input when the option is on★ Various themes available★ Pleasant and comfortable interface
The program has 2 modes:• Standard – conversion between standard numeral systems (native keyboard of the application is used)• Extended – converting between all numeral systems up to base 36 (keyboard of the OS is used)
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian